Psychic Readings by Mrs Lynn
I’ve been a psychic reader for more than 30 years, so cases of paranormal
activity and psychic phenomenon are familiar to me. Countless times, I’ve been
called to homes to rid them of unwanted spirit energy. I advise that spiritual
house cleansing be done by a priest, spiritual leader (if you are religious),
psychic or spiritual advisor. However, in the interim there are some things you
should and shouldn't do in order to help alleviate some of the symptoms until
you have the problem properly taken care of. These recommendations are for
a haunting by a ghost (the disembodied spirit of a person who has died and not
for demonic possession. For that I advise anyone to leave the home and do not
return till the home has be exorcised by an expert, but for an actual ghost
haunting the do’s and don’ts listed below can help.

1. Don't talk about the haunting while in the house. Talking about spirit energy
can actually reinforce it thereby making it more active. If you need to tell
someone what’s going on. Go outside and off the property, even if you’re just
talking on the phone.

2. Don’t do any major reconstruction. Remodeling is why many people
encounter ghost when they buy an old home and then are surprised to learn
that the prior residents had so such problem. Renovations can activate
dormant spirit energy. Room additions, tear-outs, landscaping, sometimes even
painting can make supernatural energy more active. Renovations can activate
the spirit of the deceased. The ghost during life most likely had an important
connection to the house and or the surrounding property. What would you do if
someone came into your home and start ripping things up?

3. Don't watch horror movies, read horror stories, or do anything that can
heighten a sense of fear. Fear is a powerful emotion that the ghost can feed on
to become stronger.

4. Keep the house as clean and organized as possible. Clutter and chaos are
activators to paranormal activity. Spirit energy can become stagnate among the
mess, making it difficult to clear it away.

5. Don't speak to the spirit or try to be friends with the spirit. Whether alone or
with the help of a psychic or medium, do not attempt communication with the
ghost. If the Spirit attempts communication, do your best to ignore it, including
taping, knocking, and any otherworldly sounds. Never say things like “Tap once
for no tap twice…” If the ghost is tries to make contact, it’s time to leave, until
your home is cleared of the unwanted resident.

6. Do not use any form of divination while in the house that means No tarot
cards Crystal balls psychic readings of persons. Never use an Ouija board in or
outside of the home, unless you want to complicate the situation by inviting a

7. Do call your spiritual leader (Priest, etc.) psychic or medium, to spiritually
cleanse your home.
Do not try to bless the home with sage. It is a temporary fix and it can awaken
dormant spirits.

8.  Do Sprinkle salt on windowsills, thresholds and under beds to hinder the
movement of the ghost.

9. Don't investigate. Never bring in a ghost hunter. The more you search for
information to prove the hunting is real the more active the paranormal activity
will become. So, choose whether you'd rather satisfy your curiosity or have
peace in your home.
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Help my house is Haunted, A Psychic’s Tips for easing Paranormal Activity.